30 May 2008

So sweet playing card!

Big surprise having an espresso!

23 May 2008

regional cards

In Italy there's a very long tradition of regional playing cards.

"Napoletane" cards are classic, a 40 cards deck used for "scopa", "briscola", "tressette" and many other games very popular there.

This deck is not plastic coated, but plastic made, very unusual for regional decks... and you can't find it anywhere!


Another great passion of mine are warplanes of WWII.

Coming from the same serie of the "Ocean Liners" deck, I found this one and I asked my wife to show me every picture, so I could tell her which plane was, without reading :-) 75% right answers!

Which plane of these is my favourite?

..... unusual picture, unusual joker!

Ocean Liners

Nice feeling of "Belle Epoque" in this deck, every card has different reproduction of poster and pics of the great liners - Titanic too

... and an incredible joker - read the description!

19 May 2008

Nice Tansparency

And what do you think about these?

Trasparent but usable (white ink masks symbols), plastic made (washable) and so smooth colors...

I like them so much

16 May 2008

The Peterhof Museum of Playing Cards

is it the first playing cards museum?

Do you now any other?



look at this...
What a fantasy!
There are instructions too at this link! I'm sorry, but I was not able to contact the author.

12 May 2008

From URSS again!


Try to recognise every people in these cards!


3 May 2008

URSS deck

what about these?
Look at the images, but at index too: what is there instead of J, Q and K?
Interesting, dont'you?

Pin Up! for my friend Aldo

These are a few pieces of real art, I think this deck comes from US Army during the WWII.
Fighting apart, in those years sensuality was only what it has to be, considering women much more than a "desire object", and giving much place to dream and fantasy.
What about today, sad days in which the same women accept to be only "object"?
End of street-philosophy.

23 Apr 2008

More particular, from Bellagio Casino - Las Vegas

And this is the same image which dominates my blog's home

One of my favourite film is "Ocean's Eleven", with the smell of playing cards everywhere... so, directly from Las Vegas, a used deck coming from Bellagio Casino, one of the 3 Benedict's House.
in the picture, not the entire deck, only a little smell...

18 Apr 2008

These are very MINI

From Slovenia, some incredibly nice cards

and their deck
Nice as the faces!

14 Apr 2008

my first plastic deck

What to say, not the same fellings as usual playing cards, but it was also my first casino deck - unforgetable!
And unfindable (is it right), another dead company...
Another joker, I think one of the best in my collection

Sealed with surprise!

Here it is, a gift from my nice wife for our Anniversary!
An exclusive deck you'll never find anywhere, from a dead company, printed only with special colors and GOLD - yes, it's not yellow, it's GOLD!

... and here the deck
with an incredible funny joker

8 Apr 2008

red tiger... sexxxxxxxxxxxy

Well, it's true, "sexy" is too much, but "sensual" is not enough...

First time I took'em in my hands, I had the illusion of feeling a smell of night coming up along the arms

no more words

Hey! don't think I'm doing ADV, soon I'l take some bad pict (as the others you've seen) of other decks, of other companies, from other nations.

I'm not a company lover,


Almost a keychain...

so little, nice I say, my 18 month son can do card tricks with them!

1 Apr 2008


Here it is, Bicycle Rider Back, Classic...
First we met son many years ago, when I saw "The Sting" ad Paul Newman playing with'em on the train...
Almost forgiven, I saw them in the hands of a magician, the one who introduced me in the card tricks world.
Since then, I never let'em home, always with me in jobplace, on holidays...
what a feeling the first time I took in my hand a Bicycle deck!

And tell me about your first time with a bicycle...


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